Presented at SieMatic Forum September 16 to 21, 2017.

Löhne, Germany, September 16, 2017 Lines form into surfaces. Frames create framework for space to breathe. Cubic objects take shape. Graphical clarity brings furniture and architecture into a perfect balance. Developed in cooperation with the Berlin architecture and design team KINZO, the concept of the new SieMatic collection for the PURE lifestyle gives minimalist kitchen design completely new contours and a unique character.

Architecture and Design in Perfect Balance
The new SieMatic PURE Collection

The characteristic feature of the new collection is a delicate 2 cm frame that surrounds integrated elements – the SieMatic Frame Design creates clear boundaries while at the same time opening up a wide range of design and configuration options. Making kitchens in spacious, open floor
plans appear as individual, sculptural elements or like artwork integrated into the surrounding architecture.

Less is more concept. The minimalist design language of the new SieMatic PURE Collection includes a range of materials and colors matched with careful consideration to the overall design concept. Attractive white, grey and black hues as well as wood grain finishes that look remarkably
natural are perfect for purist design and timelessly elegant comfort. Surfaces in fine textured matt lacquer or high-quality matt laminate are available. SieMatic “textured lacquer” is characterized by a uniform, gentle pearl texture on its matt surface, as subtle to the eye as to the touch. Door
fronts with high-quality lacquer are perfectly suited for the stresses of the kitchen.

The Kitchen as Sculpture (“Split-Level Apartment” fig. 1 – 3)
Like the matting of a picture frame, monolithic dark walls provide a backdrop to bright cabinets with a distinctly contoured SieMatic Frame Design. This creates an impression of freestanding furniture that structures the space: The front-facing cabinets act as a room divider, and the tall
cabinet ensemble on the gallery-like side wall as a connector. The cantilevered black folding staircase and vertical wood slats in front of the glass façade echo the space’s graphical design. The dark lines of shadows on the ceiling and floor reference the proportions of the window frames.
The tracks of spotlights integrated in the ceiling also flow from the space’s design concept. The result is an accentuated interplay of light and shadow, bright and dark, and black and white.

The Principle of SieMatic Frame Design
Countertops, side panels, and plinth frame panels create delicate frames that surround handlefree cabinets and give the impression of floating furniture. Sink, dishwasher, cooktop and extractor hood are discreetly integrated into an ensemble of wall and base cabinets. The highquality
“lotus white” surfaces in finely pearled SieMatic textured lacquer have a unique look and feel. The gently marbled yet vibrant quartz composite surfaces from the SieMatic stone range chosen for the niche with indirect lighting match the white perfectly, underscoring a comfortable elegance.

A Design Concept for Comfortable Elegance
The art of omission, elegantly framed: The design of the new SieMatic PURE Collection is a dialogue of lines and the surfaces in between, consistently on display even in shelves and sideboards. In rooms formed by 2 cm thin frames, numerous design options can be configured. Delicate black aluminum frames with nearly opaque glass doors contrast with “lotus white.”

Perfect Symbiosis of Architecture and Design (“City Apartment” fig. 4 + 5)
The kitchen as the center of a living room: in this apartment, the island with bar seating becomes a meeting point, and the peninsula connects the kitchen and living area. The graphically streamlined, linear design principle of SieMatic Frame Design corresponds to the shape ofthe
windows, which are also complemented by the lines in the ceiling for integrated spotlights. Elliptical and round light fixtures sensitively break from the stripped-down design and accentuate the minimalist character ofthe kitchen cabinetry. The use ofthe same porcelain stoneware for the floor and wall lends the room serenity and emphasizes color contrasts.

SieMatic Frame Design Opens Up New Freedom of Design
The visual focus ofthis room is the clearly contoured, contrast-rich cooking area on the back wall. Here, SieMatic Frame Design opens up design options for a unique, flush-mounted combination of shelf and wall cabinets inside the niche, creating a signature piece for the kitchen. Delicate,
black-lacquered aluminum frames surround doors oftinted glass. The base cabinets in SieMatic “sterling grey”textured lacquer and high-quality wood-grain laminate in “onyx oak” with an asymmetrically arranged counter emphasize the characteristic, precise 2 cm lines to their best
advantage. The tall cabinets with their integrated appliances have a sculptural but not dominant effect because their potential bulk is recessed halfway into the wall.

Designed for an Exclusive Set:
The SieMatic 29 Anniversary Edition
Also on display at SieMatic Forum 2017 is a limited edition of the SieMatic 29, presented exclusively for readers of the German “Architectural Digest” 20th anniversary magazine. The special edition of the sideboard is 180 cm wide with velvet matt lacquer in a special sage hue from
the SieMatic Individual ColorSystem, recessed niche in solid, anodized “gold bronze brushed” aluminum, and an exquisite material mix of aluminum, dark grey flock, and smoked oak for the interior.

SieMatic 29, the reinterpretation of the classic kitchen sideboard pays tribute to the company’s history and is a characteristic element of “solitary” free-standing designs within the SieMatic URBAN style collection. The incredible flexibility and individual design of this timelessly elegant
furniture piece was awarded the “German Design Award 2016 in GOLD” by the “Rat für Formgebung” (German Design Council).

Analog Is the New Digital:
Kitchen customers want tangible experiences

A kitchen can’t be bought like a TV or pair of shoes because it only exists once it is installed in your home. Only a personal consultation with an experienced kitchen expert and their competent, individual design service gives a customer confidence in making the right selections
from many possibilities. That’s why the premium SieMatic brand consistently invests in supporting its international partners, offering comprehensive training courses and together following a “corporate architecture”.

Founded in 1929, the company has created a foundation of new concepts in corporate design and marketing in the past few years to give customers a clear picture of what they can expect from the showroom, the product and the brand. SieMatic defined guidelines from interior design to styling
to give the brand a recognizable “face” in three style collections of PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC, making it possible to experience the brand promise. When you enter a SieMatic studio, you find yourself among people with a sense of architecture and good design who listen with sensitivity
and cater to individual design ideas.

The current corporate design refresh also includes a completely new, user-friendly website presentation that provides detailed information on all aspects of the SieMatic luxury brand and its high-quality products. This cannot and will not replace in-person consultations. The everpresent
opportunity to find a nearby SieMatic showroom is an essential part of the presentation, as well as a recurring recommendation to visit for individual design, configuration and equipment options.

The consistency of the SieMatic brand was recognized by the internationally renowned German Design Council with the “German Brand Award 2016 in GOLD” and has been appreciated by kitchen experts and interior designers, as recent figures show: Every year, up to 50 new or
completely renovated showrooms open worldwide. In 2017, openings include Vienna, Mainz, Tokyo, Malmö, Darmstadt, Shanghai and Dublin. By the end of the year, Singapore, Hamburg, Moscow, Sydney, Paris, Munich, Ho Chi Minh City, Shenzhen and Zurich will follow. A number of
new locations will follow in 2018 and 2019 to provide tangible SieMatic customer experiences.